We guarantee the quality of our work.

We are passionate about what we do and understand the crucial need for careful planning and attention to detail. 

Our Services Include:

  • Rock Walls

  • Entranceways

  • Retaining Walls

  • Pillars & Columns

  • Rock Cutting

  • Stone Veneer & Cladding

  • Stone Wall Repairs

  • Steps & Pathways

  • Feature Walls

  • Sea Walls


Boundary walls give your home privacy as-well as give a clear distinction of where the place you call home begins.

A stone wall can act as a sound barrier to those living on a busy main road. This adds value to your property and will last many years to come providing an excellent return on investment.


Natural stone is beautiful in its own element.

Paired with some skilled craftsmanship we can design and construct stone feature walls that are well and truly breath taking.

No matter the size, style or design, we would love to bring your property to life with excellent stonework.


We use real stone veneer for many purposes such as cladding, walling and pillars.

We work with a branz approved stone veneer system to give you full product guarantee of up to 15 years.

We have many stone veneer options and styles available.

Enhance your property today.


Build a grand entranceway that grabs the attention of the neighborhood as well as compliments from friends and family.

Our entranceways and pillars can be built to incorporate letterboxes and the mounting of automated gates and intercom systems.


We do repairs for existing or damaged stonework.

We guarantee a quality repair that you can trust.

We also do insurance quotes.

You can count on us to build a wall that will last decades to come. 

Pillars, Retaining Walls, Boundary Walls etc.

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